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Video ConferencingSolution

Our experts are always ready for video conference with you .

Now-a-days, international businesses enterprises are mostly depended on video conferencing to communicate across geographically spread customers and business partners. So, it is very important to choose the right video conference solution for your business needs.

DialerSoft made the best video conference solution for your business with the extreme feature to gain the achievement best to your enterprises. By clicking only a button you can get face time with your customers, vendors, employees using our video conference solution.

Why use our Video Conference Solution:

Capacity: You can add as many individual person as you need. We develop our solution to fulfil your business needs.

Better Quality of Picture and Sound: DialerSoft use the latest and robust technology to increase the value of your enterprises. Because sometimes conferencing capabilities reflects the quality of your business.

Real-Time Chat:  A chat option is very important to maintain the private discussion with particular members as well as to maintain or managing the group chat. We integrate this features for you.

Sharing Capabilities: Not only video conference but also we integrate the sharing capabilities in our solution to share image, file and content and so on.

Recording and Archiving: DialerSoft’s solution allows you to keep record of your conference call. If keeping a record of your conferences is important to your business, you'll want a service that provides this feature.

Usability Across Operating Systems: Not all services are available across all operating systems (or web browsers, for that matter), so if you'll want to ensure access--regardless of whether a client is using an Android phone or a PC--you'll need to look for a service that can meet your needs.

Customer Service: That old saying that "you get what you pay for" is sometimes true, and especially so when it comes to totally free services. Make sure you'll get the customer service you need if there's ever a disruption in your services (or prepare to have a backup plan!).

Cost: There's a huge difference in the associated costs of using different video conferencing services, so it's important to fully understand just what you're getting for your money.With all of these things in mind, here are our choices for some of the best video conferencing services available today.